Ukrainian High Technologies Ltd (the trade mark AlterNet) is a telecommunication company, which sees its own destination in fast satisfaction of telecommunications needs existing and arising in the market of modern high-quality communication services, due to introduction of modern broadband wireless access technology of the WiMAX standard.

WiMAX is the leading standard of BWA also known as IEEE 802.16-2004 standard.  It provides a broadband data trasmission for large distances (areas with radius of more then 30 km) with a speed that is comparable with cable junction (the capacity is about 10 bit/s or more).

In essence this technology helps to solve the last mile problem. WiMAX technology allows to work in any weather conditions and in any housing density providing high quality of connection and high speed data transfer in areas where usage of wired connections would be unreasonable from the economic and technical point of view.

Ukrainian High Technologies is the first company in CIS countries and one of the first in EMEA region that started to provide service broadband wireless Internet access using the user terminals constructed on the basis of Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 that supports WiMAX.

The company owns the license for use of a radio-frequency resource in a range 3.4 3.7 GHz that allows to carry out expansion of networks on WiMax technology in all territory of Ukraine and to provide the profitable fixed wireless alternative of a usual digital wire user's line.

Alternet network is currently active in Kiev and Kharkov. The ambitious plans of the company for 2006 include opening of WiMAX network in all 26 regional centers of Ukraine.

This plan is quite real considering the fact that companys investors are world known authoritative venture funds Intel Capital and Russian Technologies.

The aim of Ukrainian High Technologies is to become national broadband wireless multiservice operator.

The advantages of Alternet services are:

  • wireless Internet with a speed up to 2 b/s
  • connection during 3 days
  • wide network in Kiev and region
  • high quality and security of signal
  • none cabining works

Alternet offer wide range of universal and special tariffs

                                                       Universal Tariffs

For Home User                                                                       For Business Users

Lite 128 - 512 K                                                                              Pro 128 - 2048 K

Maxx 128 - 256 K                                                                             Maxx 128 - 256 K

                                                        Special Tariffs

For Home User                                                                        For Business Users

Premium tariff  Jet  2048 K                                                                BackUp 512 K                  

                                                                                                     Intranet / Intranet Premium 64 - 256 K

                                                                                     For banks   ATM 16 - 32 K


Our sales managers will help you to choose the tariff that suits your needs perfectly. Please call  +380 (44) 496 59 59.

If you want to change your tariff plan please call our customer service department: +380 (44) 496 59 69

If you have any problems with the quality of connections please call our 24-hour service department: +380 (44) 230 49 78

Contact us in Kiev:

45 Uritskogo Str., Kiev 03035 Ukraine

Tel.: +380 (44) 496 59 59
Fax: +380 (44) 496 59 80

Contact us in Kharkov:

12 Romena Rolana Str., Kharkov 61058 Ukraine

Tel.:  + 380 (57) 763 01 01
Fax: +380 (57) 763 01 02

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